I am down-sizing my files as quickly/slowly as possible: Here is one of my favorites.


The pastor decided to drop by Mrs. Jones’ home and check up on her. She let him in and then the phone rang and she excused herself to get it. The pastor sat near a table with an old magazine and a bowl of peanuts. After several minutes, he became restless and he started in on a bowl of peanuts while reading the magazine..

Eventually Mrs. Jones returned. The pastor, feeling a little embarrassed, said, “I must apologize. While you were gone I got a bit hungry and ate all the peanuts in your bowl. Please forgive me.”

Mrs. Jones replied, “Oh, that OK, anymore all I can do is just suck the chocolate off of them.”


Found this clipping about Defense Attorney Wendell P. Kay under the Headline “Attorney found innocent in case involving draftee” from the Vietnam era.

In one paragraph Assistant U.S. Attorney A. Lee Petersen countered in his summation that Kay was exaggerating about Miller. “He didn’t tell five stories. He told four.”  Petersen lost his case.

Wendell Kay held a special place in my heart. When I ran for political office I ran 35th out of 57 candidates city-wide, but in the area where I lived (Eagle River-Chugiak-Birchwood) I ran 3rd behind Wendell Kay and one other prominent politician, Eugene Guess. Not bad! At least my neighbors voted for me.  (fact check)


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